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The preciousness of Tao and the value of virtue 道尊德貴

 The preciousness of Tao and the value of virtue
Since the beginning of the world, there exists this invisible and powerful force that creates everything, put everything in perfect order, and takes care of it unconditionally.
This powerful yet humble force is there, but it cannot be seen. It is selfless and very lovable. This great force will be there forever. No matter what happens, it will never change its principle. It is abstract; it is also concrete. It is the original point before the formation of yin and yang. It is there, but it doesn't has a name.
Human needs a name to refer to it when talking about it. Hence, in the western hemisphere it is called God- our Heavenly Father. And in the eastern hemisphere, it is also known as the Almighty God or Tao.
Therefore, when we talk about this invisible yet almighty force- Tao
Tao : (外在)上帝 天地萬物 宇宙的本體 宇宙萬象之主宰
To speak of it externally of ourselves, Tao is God.
It is everything in this entire universe.
It is also the essence of the universe.
As a matter of fact, it is the great master of the entire universe
To speak of it internally, it is our true self; The spirit / the original nature
中庸云: 天命之謂性
Doctrine of the Mean, "What Heaven has conferred is called THE NATURE"
: 德是道德 本性的流露 良心的顯現 道的作用
Virtue : Moral goodness which comes from deep within;
it is the Ethics as we call it or(a system of moral principles); moral/ethical principles,
such as the act of love, justice, propriety, wisdom, and faith. filial piety, brotherly love, loyalty, honesty, propriety, righteousness, integrity and knowing shame.
It is a revealing of one's true nature; revelation of our conscience; the manifestation of Tao.
: 崇高 尊榮 至尊至貴 偉大 莊嚴 至高無上 : 極其寶貴 珍貴 尊貴 顯貴
Precious/ valuable- It is highly esteemed in terms of spirituality. It is considered the Greatest and the most solemn/holy in this universe. It is also the most divine power in the cosmos. Almighty(having unlimited power).
How precious Tao is?
道之尊 The preciousness of Tao                                                       大道無形 生育天地 大道無情 運行日月 大道無名 長養萬物 吾不知其名 強名曰道
"Great Tao has no form; It brings forth and raises heaven and earth.
Great Tao is just; It regulates the course of the sun and the moon.
Great Tao has no name; It raises and nourishes the myriad(innumerable) beings. I do not know its name- So I reluctantly call it Tao." 《清淨經》Qingjing Jing - Purity and Tranquility Scripture
大道無形無相 看不到摸不著 The great Tao has no form. It's invisible and intangible. We cannot see it with our eyes and we cannot touch it with our hands.
祂是萬物的母親 道就像一位偉大的母親 宇宙 萬物 陽光 雨水 空氣 一切的一切都來自於祂-偉大的上帝It is the origin of all things. It is like a great mother. It gives birth to all things in this universe- the planets, the sun, the moon, the star, rain, air, all the living and non living creatures. It is the great creator- God.
上帝無微不至照顧我們 養育我們 曾跟我們收錢嗎? 若有一天沒有陽光 空氣 雨水  我們能活嗎 萬物能活嗎? Has God ever ask anything in return for all his dedication? Can we survive if one day, there is no sunshine, no air to breath, and no water to use? Can the rest of the living creatures continue to live?
當我們問:"道在哪?" :"上帝在哪?" 就好比 海水裡的魚問:"水在哪?" 魚離開水不能活 就如人無道不能活一樣 When we start to question, "Where is Tao?" or "Where is God?" It is as if the fish in the water question, "Where is water?"
Fish cannot live without water, just as human cannot live without Tao.
雖然 大道無形 祂卻無所不在 並無微不至的照顧著萬物 所以大道無形 生育天地
Although Tao has no form, it is everywhere. It takes care of everything in the world in every possible way(meticulous). Hence, the great Tao has no form, yet it brings forth and raises heaven and earth.
大道無情 運行日月The great Tao is fair; it regulates the course of the sun and the moon.大道公正無私 運行宇宙 日月星球 天有天理 地有地理 物有物理 事有事理 Great Tao is upright and just. It regulates the entire cosmos. In terms of heaven, it is the principle of heaven. In terms of earth, it is the principle of earth. Everything in this universe is going according to this principle.
萬事萬物都依照著真理在運作 沒有所謂"世間的私情"It is absolutely fair and just. (It will not be swayed by personal consideration). It goes according to the truth- the principle of God.
你我感情比較好 我給你的陽光就多些In this world, this is how, we, the humans would usually act: if I am your best friend, I would share you a bigger piece of pie. But if you are nothing to me, I won't share anything with you. And this tend to be the way how we, the humans, act. It has even become a habit or a social culture.
However, God/ Tao/ Truth does not act the way humans do. God is perfectly fair.
聖經說:"他叫日頭照好人 也照歹人 降雨給義人 也給不義的人"(馬太:5:45)
Matthew (5:45)" For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."
春生 夏長 秋收 冬藏 The regulation of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Living things sprouts in spring. Summer is the best time of growth. Things starts to slow down a bit in the autumn, and when winter comes all growth freezes a little bit until the next spring comes. This a very natural cycle. It is just and never changed in favor of anyone.
日夜四季有規則之輪替 運轉不息 自開天闢地來 永恆不變 天地雨露之降 天地間所有一切皆乃大道的作用 The regular shifting of day and night. The nine planets going in their orbit in an orderly manner. It has never been changed since the ancient time until today. It will never be changed in the future. The falling of rain, the existence of morning dew, and all the demonstration of the mother nature are functions of Tao.
種子種下土 只要你給它愛(照顧關懷)他就自然生出果食來 您種西瓜就得西瓜 種紅豆豆就得紅豆 這是自然 是真理 公正不阿
After a seed is planted in the soil, once there is care and love, it will naturally give fruit. If a melon seed is planted, you will reap melon. If a red bean seed is planted, you will reap red beans. This is nature. This is truth, which is fair and selfless.
種瓜想得豆 那是不可能的事 沒有耕耘就想要收獲 門都沒有
If we want to reap red beans out of a melon seed, it would be impossible.
As the saying goes不劳则无获。 There are no gains without pains.
不努力你就不可能成功。没有伟大的事是无需流汗和辛劳就可轻易获致的。有句谚语说:不劳则无获。”You cannot succeed without hard work. No great thing is achieved easily without sweat and toil.
:要怎麼收穫先哪麼栽As you sow, so shall you reap
想到天堂 就得犧牲奉獻 為世人服務 要付出行動 才能達到目的地
If we want to find ourselves in heaven after we die, then what should we do?! We should start to live a life like living in heaven.
反之 用想的就會到 那是不可能的事 不工作就沒飯吃一樣的道理 工作投機取巧 有一天是自己吃虧 In short, there is no shortcuts to heaven.
公正無私 就是道
Just and fair is Tao
大道無名 長養萬物
The great Tao has no name yet it raises and nourished all the myriad beings
大道既然無形無相 他也沒有名字 他永遠就是默默的為萬事萬物犧牲奉獻
Tao has no form, it has no name. It has always been the one that devote and sacrifice unconditionally for the world and for us.
吾不知其名 強名曰道
Hence, Lao tzu do not know its name, but reluctantly give it a name "Tao".
但若沒有一個名字 人們又無法了解 所以老子才勉強的稱呼他為道
道可道 非常道 名可名 非常名
可以取名存在的名字 是不會常存的名字 道原是無名 故能長久
The Tao/way that can be told is not the usual Tao/way. The name that can be given is not the usual name. Because it has no name, it is always there, and will be there forever.
無名天地之始 有名萬物之母
Having no name, it is the Originator of heaven and earth; having a name, it is the Mother of all things.
無極 混然真空 空中生妙有        太極  實際的形象
道大而無外 放之則彌於六合 無處不有  小而無內 卷之退藏於密
這是大道 以外在來闡述的尊貴
This is Tao, when speaking of it externally.
道大而無外 無處不有 Tao is so huge that it has no end. It's everywhere.
這是""以外相來說的尊貴 This is its preciousness to speak it externally.
祂生育天地 祂運行日月 祂長養萬物 It gives birth to heaven and earth. It functions the sun and the moon. It raises all beings in this cosmos.
佛說:"三千大千世界都是大道所生" Buddha said, "Tao gives birth to everything in this universe.在耶家說:"祂是萬物的創始者"In the Bible " John(1:1) In the beginning was bthe Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
 老子說: "" Lao Tzu said, "I do not know its name, so I reluctantly call it Tao."
回家說:"阿拉" In muslim it is called "Allah".
其實都是一樣的 他們都是指同一個本體 <上帝 天地萬物宇宙的本體 宇宙萬象之主宰>Actually, they all mean the same. They are referring to the same God, after all there is only one God. It is the entity of the entire universe. It is the master of the cosmos.
活在這個有形的大宇宙中 我們知道在這大宇宙中還有個小宇宙嗎? 那就是我們
Living in the big universe, have we ever notice that there is also a small universe? It is us, the human beings.有形的大宇宙中存在著無形的道 有形的小宇宙中(我們身上)也存在著無形的道In this visible material world, there exist the invisible Tao. Tao also exists in us- this physical body. 也可以說 是我們的靈性 良心 本性 It is the spirit, as we call it. The conscience or the true self.
經云:上帝就照自己的形象造人( 1:27) So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 
上帝就長得跟您一模一樣也 不要誤會是外表的相 是內在
So does it means that God looks just like us? All of us looks different, and there are billions of people in this world. It is not talking about the physical appearance, but the interior soul.
我們每一個靈 都是上帝的分靈
Each and every one of us is a part of God. Our spirit, which is pure, kind, and lovable, is inherited by God. Hence, all of our true self is equally pure and bright. There is no difference of rich or poor, noble or ignoble.
換句話說 道就是我們每個人本來的面目 而德就是每個人本然的行為
In other words, Tao is our true self, and virtue is the natural revealing of the true self.
只要把本性中的德性發揮的淋漓盡致 那麼我們就能證實到道尊德貴
Once we reveal our true self to the utmost, we can testify the preciousness of Tao and the value of virtue.
舉個例子來說: 活在現代的我們 二十四小時 有電視可以看 有冷起可以吹 有網路可以用 有冰箱可以冰食物 有洗衣機可以幫我們洗衣服 有微波爐可以溫食 有電鍋可以煮飯 在日落之後 還能有燈照明 這些都是""的作用 它的用途幾乎是無可限量 而對於二十一世紀 工業社會的骨幹仍是電能源
In our present time, we can enjoy 24 hour of TV, ac, internet, which is very much convenient. There is refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, electronic pot, lights, etc. These are the function of electricity, and its function can be unlimited. Moreover, it is the main power of this present technology and industry.
電我們看得到嗎? 看不到 不過剛剛提到這麼多的方便與舒適 還有今天科技的進步與發達 都是電的作用 Can we see electricity? No! Yet, all the conveniences and comfort that I just mentioned, plus the advancing of the present technology shows the importance of the existence of electricity.
所以 道好比電 無形無相 而一切方便與舒適乃電的作用 就是德
Tao is like the electricity, which is invisible. The conveniences and comfort that the electricity brings is the virtue.
""我們看不到 不過當一個人一生遵守道德 堅守節操 堅守美德 把本性中的德性發揮的淋漓盡致 (五常八德 仁義禮智信 孝悌忠信禮義廉恥)如此行為使他尊貴
Tao is invisible, but when a person takes Tao to heart. In other words, if a person reveals all the good virtues to the utmost and stand firmly to the morality, the person's life would become precious and valuable.
道德如何尊貴? 道德如何萬能?                                           
How precious is Tao? How almighty is virtue?
先哲曰: 道尊德貴世無雙 有德萬古不淒涼
There is a wise saying, "There is nothing in this world that is more precious than Tao. The valuable of virtue is also unique. One's name lives forever once one live in the truth of God."
世間上沒有第二樣東西 比道德更尊貴 人有道德 萬古流芳 能超生了死 不淒涼
: 蘇武的忠義 耶穌的大愛 觀音菩薩的大慈 子謙 舜帝 漢武帝的孝 岳飛之忠 三國 劉關張之信義 他們各個 都為 堅守一生 就是這種精神 使他們成聖成佛 使他們萬古流芳 這就是道德的寶貴 當一個人一生盡心盡力 用全心全意去堅守一個節操 如此的行為使他尊貴 使他成聖成佛 九玄七祖皆霑其光 這就是道德的大能與尊貴
There are so many examples in the history that we can mention.
The exceptionally loyalty of Su Wu. The great love of Jesus. The extraordinarily kindness of Guan Yin. Emperor Shun's incredibly obedience to his parents which made him a great king and an angel in heaven. All of these are perfect examples which reveal the preciousness of Tao and the valuable of virtue. Let's look at their life, they have lived a life guarding themselves to one principle- Living for love and not for material. This was what made their life meaningful. When a person reveal one's love to the utmost, this is what made him/ her precious. This is what made the person converting from an ordinary to a saint. The ancestor and family is totally honored. This is the almighty of Tao and virtue.
就說舜帝好了 舜帝是中國一位有名的黃帝 更是出了名的孝子 他把孝發揮得淋漓盡致 致使他的人民百姓都非常歸順於他 他不是用政策或武力來治他的百姓 而是用他的孝行來治天下
Shun is one of the most famous emperors in the Chinese History. He is even more famous of his filial act. In the past history, most of the kings control their country with politics, some uses special tactics or there are even some that use violence to control. Shun was totally different, people were touched by his filial act. He never had to control his people, his people behaves because of his filial act. Under his leadership the entire country was living in great harmony.
舜自幼喪母 父親是個盲人 續娶 生子象. 舜很小就要工作,以維持全家的生活。他的父親性格頑固,寵愛後妻和幼子,三人都想殺死舜。舜平常孝順父母,關心幼弟。如果自己有小過錯,就甘願受罰。如果父母和弟弟要殺死他,他就躲得叫他們找不到。
Shun's mom died when he was very young. His father was a blind and remarried soon after his mother's death. Shun's step mother gave birth to a son, Xiang. Since Shun's father was a blind, Shun had to shoulder all the responsibility in the house. Shun's father was a very stubborn person, and he has favoritism over his new wife and son. Many times they tried to murder Shun, but Shun still loves them.
One time, Shun's father told Shun, "The barn's roof leaks, go and fix it!" Shun immediately picked up some tools, up the ladder he went . This was a setup. The barn was full of dried grain. Shun's stepmother put a fire to the barn. The barn was all burned up. Shun hurriedly use his hat and jump like the parachute jumper. Luckily he escaped this disaster.
There was another time, Shun's stepmother wanted to dig a well. Shun went ahead to dig the well for her. This was another setup. When Shun reached very deep, his step mother and step brother had buckets of sand ready to pour to bury Shun alive. They started to throw buckets and buckets of sand on Shun. They thought Shun died and was very happy. Xiang said, "This was my bright idea. Since Shun has died, his wives should belong to me. And Shun's palace belong to you two old folk."
Shun never died. Shun found a covered way, and luckily escaped another murder. When they were enjoying the new luxurious palace, Shun came in with all mud. He never hated his step mother nor his step brother.
舜的父親個性頑固 後母厭恨他 弟弟忌妒他 我們能想像 生長在這種惡劣的環境中 舜還能發揮他的愛 愛他的父親 後母與同父異母的弟弟 在我們現在的時代 能找著這種人嗎
Shun has a father who is very stubborn and a stepmother who hates him very much. His step brother was very jealous of him. Living in this kind of environment, can we imagine how difficult the condition is? But Shun still revealed his true love that he had for his family. No matter what, he loved his stubborn father, the wicked step mother and the evil step brother. Can we still find this kind of person in this world?
這全都出自於他的一片孝心阿 難道不是嗎 或許這種行為在世俗人的眼裏 很蠢 很笨 不過 這樣的行為使祂尊貴 不止如此 他的德性救了他逃過好多劫數 不然早就死於他們的千方百計之下
He dedicated his entire life to love his father and his family. In the eyes of the common people, he might seem to be very foolish and crazy. Yet, this was what made his life precious and valuable. Not only so, he had escaped many disasters which his virtues had been credited.
舜已經當了皇帝 舜的爸爸還一副不稀罕讓他養的態度對待舜 舜依然千依百順 無怨無悔地孝順著他的父親 在這世間是要到哪兒找這種孝子呢 難怪感動天下子民阿 堂堂一位黃帝 既可放下身段去孝順憎恨他一輩子的雙親 忌妒他一輩子的弟弟 這種孝順的精神 我們不即萬一 舜是我們的榜樣 舜歸空後成就為天上的三官大帝 這難道不是道德的尊貴 道德的大能嗎
Shun was a great king. He was the greatest leader above millions of civilians. Yet, Shun's father never cared. Shun could just have had some servants take care of his father and step mother. Why did he had to do all this himself? There were countless time that his father wanted to murder him. He could have done something else. Same to his wicked step mother. On the contrary, he stoop down to do everything by himself. This was a very practical example of the second commandment, "Honor your father and mother." He was a perfect demonstration of the preciousness of Tao and virtue.
舜的一生是仁孝開明的一生 是把道德發揮到極致的人生 他的尊貴不是來自於權位 而是他謙卑的孝心感動天地鬼神人民
Shun's life was colorful and virtuous. He was highly respected not because of his position or power, but his love for his parents and family.
理事慈示:"人以有道為尊 以有德為貴"
Our grand master once mentioned, "One's life can be highly respected and valuable if one acts according to Tao."
在這世間 沒有任何東西比道德還要尊貴 道德使人成聖成佛 使人永生 使世間太平 難道還有比這還要尊貴的嗎? 道尊德貴世無雙 有德萬古不淒涼
先哲又曰: 作德之人 雖有近禍 必有遠福 德貴於爵祿也
          作惡之人 雖有富貴 不值錢
"There might be disasters for the ones who are doing good deed. Yet, the blessings of God is near.
There might be lucks and wealth for the ones who are doing evil deed. Yet, it worth nothing."
作德之人 行五常八德之人 真心修行之人
雖有近禍 雖然有命運中的苦難 災難 不如意 挫折 病痛 經濟困難 家庭問題等  在日常生活中雖然也有不順利的時候 有惡運 或災劫 不過沒關係 因為一生中不可能永遠一帆風順 人生不如意十常八九 沒有人 一生順順利利 無病無痛 不老不死 加上今世與前世 無明時種的惡因 總是會有些厄運
Life is full of ups and downs . we all run into different kinds of difficulties at different stages of our lives. Sufferings, disasters, obstacles, sicknesses, financial problem, family problem, conflicts, bad lucks...problems in life is countless.
<舜的一生也是很坎坷很困難 他也是堅持道德 一路走了過來>
<耶穌的一生行道的過程也很艱辛 為了傳福音四處奔波沒有自己的家 法利賽人阻礙他 人們毀謗排斥他 魔鬼試探他 上帝考驗他 行道僅三年 就要喝苦酒 被釘死在十字架上 這些在我們來看 是近禍 不過耶穌接受承擔一切 他的遠福有多遠 是永恆 他不僅超拔自己的母親 得永生 兩千年前的事一直流傳到現在>
Jesus' life was not easy either. He had to be up and down all about the place. The Pharisees obstructed his way. The people repel him. Satan tempted him. God tested him. He started to spread the truth of God for only three years, and he had to underwent all of this. Not only so, he had to drink the cup of wine and to be crucified on the cross. In the eyes of the ordinary, Jesus' life might seem to be crooked, and full of bad lucks. Yet, all of what Jesus had shouldered made him a saint today. Not only so, all his sacrifices and sufferings made him attain eternal life. Additionally, his mother Maria became a saint because of Jesus' great sacrifices.
所以不能因為近禍 就不落實五常八德 When we encounter problems and difficulties in our life, we should still be firm in our moral principles.俗云:苦盡甘來 The saying goes, "After rain comes the sunshine."
所以才說 雖有近禍 必有遠福 舜與耶穌的堅持換來萬八樂 一世苦萬八樂
Emperor Shun and Jesus had countless dilemma in their life, the only thing they could do is to face it and never change their living principle.
在我們的人生中 或許曾經歷許多風風雨雨In our life, we might have undergo thunderstorms or hurricanes. 或許我們曾失去高薪的工作 We might have lost a very good job which can maintain our entire life.或許我們曾經永別我們最愛的親人We might have said good bye to our very beloved family member. 或許醫生曾告訴我們 我們活的時間不長 We might have been told by the doctor that we have only three months of life length.或許一個颶風突然來把我們家給吹垮 We might have experienced a drastic disaster which destroyed our whole life belonging. 許多的苦難與挫折 使我們怨恨上帝 So many obstacles and sufferings in life which have made us lose faith in God. Maybe we have ever cursed God in a very bad language. 或許我們曾經埋怨自己是世界上最可憐的人.We have been so upset and stressful that  we think we are the worst and poorest being in this whole world. Yet, we are not.
(舊約 約伯記)If we look at Job, we will see that we are the luckiest.
但比較起來沒有像約伯失去的多:Job lost seven thousand sheep七千頭羊、three thousand camels三千頭駱駝、five thousand cows五千隻牛、five hundred donkeys五百隻驢子、and countless servants還有許多的僕人。最慘的是在一陣狂風之際The saddest part is that a after a violent storm,他的七個兒子、三個女兒全部喪失生命he lost his seven sons and three daughtersFinally, even his health was taken away. In one night his body was full with poisoned sores from head to toe. 最後連約伯最值得安慰的健康也遭受打擊——從腳掌到頭頂長滿了毒瘡。一夜之間,這位東方的偉人一下子變成最可憐的人 或許我們疑問We might question 約伯一生純正Job was a righteous man, why should God treat his servant like this? 為何對上帝如此忠心的僕人 還要受這樣的苦呢?
"受選者 佛考其心"
上帝要考驗約伯對他的忠心 God wants to see if Job is enough faithful to him. Just like Jesus got tested from Satan and God. Without tests, you can never see the true faith.就好比耶穌受考一樣 不藉由考驗 哪見得真心
相對的兩位偉人的結果如何? What happen to them in the end? God gave job twice as much as he had. Seven sons and three daughters. He lived very long on earth and had many descendents. Jesus attained eternal life. Leaving a good name forever on earth.上帝賜福於約伯雙倍的家產 七個兒子三個女兒 長命百歲 子孫滿堂 而耶穌呢 回天堂 得永生 名留千古 受萬人敬仰
(所以堅持道德 一定是對的 過去的聖人給我們最好的見證 只要我們真心誠意 踏踏實實的盡自己的本分 盡自己的責任 絕對不會錯 無形中德性就由此累積 往後的福德不可計量) 何為本分與責任: 為仁君止於仁 為仁臣止於敬 為人子止於孝 為人父止於慈 與國人交止於信(大學) 兄友弟恭 朋友有信 男女有別 在工作上盡責
Hence, it is absolutely right when we insist in morality. The past saints are the best examples. Once we are sincere and honest in fulfilling our responsibility, it can never be wrong. Invisibly, our merit is accumulated. If we are a leader, we should be kind and understanding. If we are a employee, we should be respectful and responsible. Honor our parents at all times. Be kind if we are the parents. There should be trust between friends. Brotherly love between brothers.
濟公時代 有一位孝子 他一生安分守己 也非常孝順他的雙親
In the time of Ji Gong Buddha, there was a very obedient child. He have never done anything bad in his whole life. He was a very obedient son.
有一天 他扛著一籃豆腐還有青菜要去賣 走到半路 遇到濟公活佛 濟公活佛看著這位青年印堂發黑 知道劫難即將來臨 就跟在他後頭 突然 年輕人肚子疼ㄌ起來 剛好路邊有一間茅廁 他把菜籃放置一旁 趕緊進去 濟公知道就是此時 他提著年輕人的菜籃 拼命的跑 這年輕人發現自己的菜籃被臭和尚搶走了 也急忙的追 口中喊著 臭和尚還我菜籃 沒想到就在那一剎那 地震震垮了那茅房 如果年輕人還在茅房內 準沒命 當下他才感謝濟公救了他一命
One day he was carrying some tofu and vegetables in his bamboo basket on his way going the market. In the middle of the way, he happened to meet Ji Gong Buddha. Buddha knew that a very big disaster is going to happen to this person, so he followed this young man. On their way, the young man felt belly ache. The young man suddenly went into a public bathroom, and set his bamboo basket by the side. Ji Gong Buddha knew it is the right time. Buddha shouldered the bamboo basket and run as fast as he could. The young man saw the monk carried his bamboo basket, left the public bathroom immediately to chase after the monk. Who knows after he left the bathroom, an earthquake suddenly happened, the building of the bathroom fall. If the young man were in the bathroom, the young man was going to die. Then the young man knew the Ji Gong buddha wanted to safe him.
今天 如果這位青年 不孝順 作一些違背良心的事 去贏得世間的錢財 名利 今天他可能就沒那麼幸運逃過此劫 所以說德貴於爵祿也
在劫難降臨於你身上時 是地位或錢財能拯救你嗎 不是 而是你日幾月累得來的功德 拯救了你 所以才說作惡之人 雖有富貴 不值錢
古諺云: 有德雖貧 實富有 富貴無德 難永久
(當一個人把內心中的美德發揮出來 "仁義禮智信" 此人的人格高尚
一個人的氣質與人格 不在於他擁有多少財富 而在於他內在的美德
一位無德的億萬富翁 只富貴一時一世 死後甚麼也帶不走
一位有德性卻身分無文的耶穌/一簞食一瓢的顏回 貧窮一時 卻富貴永遠)
在世人的眼光 金銀財寶 地位權勢 是世人認為的享受與富貴 不過這一切都是短暫的
而在上帝的眼光 五常八德 才是真富貴 道得使人成聖成佛
富在本來不失 貴在道德具足
人為萬物之靈長 天地人三才之一 子曰 人異於禽獸者幾希 是什麼使人與動物不同?
是五常八德 是本性的流露 是人的人格 品性 言語行為 決定一個人的高尚 所以人身上有道德就尊貴
關公的故事 最尊貴的實例 乃三國時代的關公 現在我們敬拜的關聖帝君
提到關公人人都敬佩 人人耳熟能響 他的正氣沖天 忠肝義膽 他的節操 使上帝封他為聖 真是不簡單
當時關公與劉備失散 為了桃園三結義的信與義 即使落在曹操的手裏 他也從無背信背義的念頭 曹操不殺他 反而送他萬金萬銀 美女 權位 關公一概不收
劉備當時 一沒錢 二沒兵 三沒權位 處處屢戰屢敗 過著狼狽又簡陋的日子
關公還是一心一意只為劉備 今天換做我們是關公 我們會如何應對?
子曰 君子固窮 小人窮斯濫矣
Confucius said, "When a true cultivator encounters difficulties in life, he will insist in his moral principles. Yet, an unrighteous man will go in accordance with his personal desires.
子曰 君子無終始之間違仁 造次必於是 顛沛必於是
A righteous man will not go against benevolence no matter what.
他寧死不降 忠肝義膽的精神 感動一切的人 為了保護他的兄嫂 冒生命危險
拼了命 過五關斬六將 不為什麼 為的就是安全的把兄嫂護駕到家
今天換做是我們 我們會如此賣命嗎? 人人都要保護自己的性命 誰願意為別人如此付出
子曰 志士仁人 無求生以害仁 有殺身以成仁
孟子曰 我所欲也 熊掌亦我所欲也 二者不可得兼 舍魚而取熊掌也 生我所欲也 義亦我所欲也  二者不可得兼捨生取義者也
關公被東吳孫權的將軍追殺 他身邊的戰將全軍覆沒 只剩他一人 他寧死不降
今天換作是我們 我們如何選擇?
關公一生忠義的節操 神人共鑒 死後成聖 萬古流芳
馬丁路德金恩 為了黑白人之間平等的人權 公正的被對待 此舉動必須犧牲他自己家人的安危 他不惜自己的生死 為公正站出來 他勇敢與正義的精神值得敬佩