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Simply Water     by Todd Bukowski


The “River”- that is how many speak of the Dao. Making references to the many aspects of a river. A river that flows slowly, rapidly, twisting and turning as it flows to its destination and to state this would not be untrue.


A river is made up of water, always seeking the lowest point to serve all things, but even the mightiest river started as a drop of water which started out as a grouping of molecules gathering together. The never ending cycle of all things, from rain drop to puddle; from puddle to stream; from stream to river; from river to ocean. And, finally, through the circle of life gets evaporated and will eventually become that lonely little rain drop once more.


In the teachings of the Dao, all students of the Dao understand to some degree, you would be hard pressed to find any students here that are not genuine in the study of the Dao. No one here is studying the Dao to become more popular, or to find a magical way to make their life trouble free. I will not tell you that studying the Dao has removed all the negative from my life, or has made my hair any fuller either, but all kidding aside, LISTEN.


The Dao is all around us, people you would have never of have thought of flow in the Dao, from Mozart to Bob Marley. When you are in the flow of the Dao you can see it all around, you live in it, breathe in it, and in it your actions reflect your level of mastery. If you ask, what have I learned? Well, from the books of the great masters, ancient and contemporary, Derek included, all have enlightened me to a higher level of The Dao. Derek’s many stories in class have explained in depth the fundamentals of this great teaching.

道無所不在,很多人從來沒有想到會和道有關係,包括莫札特和搖滾靈魂歌手 Bob Marley。當你在道的境界,你到處都可以看到「道」,你的生命是「道」,你的呼吸是「道」,而且你的行動,反映出你的領悟。如果你問我學到了什麼?從古代到現代的聖人的書中,讓我了解到更高一層的道裡。在英文班裡的課程中,有從很多故事裡學到真理的基礎。 

With these teachings I have woven a delicate net as I traverse the “River” of life. The fibers that make up this net are born from the teachings, lessons and stories of the Dao. From this net woven from life wisdom, I catch and experience all things in life. The negative as well as the positive. The lessons of understanding at the deepest level you can grasp. Living in the Infinite moment of understanding and fulfillment you find JOY. The ability to know your true self. The ability to improve on things that are not perfect and the sharing with others of the you that is perfect.


Now that sounds pretty deep. As a student of the Dao, that sounds great about using the River as a metaphor to help explain the Dao. What about the abyss, the abyss of the lone water molecule, the puddle, the stream and the ocean? Are they not part of the Dao as well, don’t they require an explanation as well?


The yin and yang symbol represent the Dao- each part represents and is part of the other. The same is true of water; the drop, the puddle, stream, River, and ocean- all only Simple water.


You are in the Dao, all things are in the Dao, in all forms of matter and energy. Grasping the teachings and applying them in your life as you exist is the best you can do in the Dao. If you have even read one story you know not to get lost in the words, but the key is to understand the message. The simple is true, positive and negative are simple concepts, common sense is simple. Doing right by yourself and others is simple.


Mistakes happen, but it’s how we learn and make better choices in the future. I’ve learned to be “simple” even though I don’t think of myself as such. “Smooth seas do not make a skilful sailors.” In short, the Dao is only as complex, mystical and difficult to obtain as you make it. This is what I have learned, and this is what I practice. Interacting with all things in the Dao is who I have been, who I am, and who I am aspiring to be. My gratitude and thanks to Masters and everyone.

有時候我們會有錯,重點是我們如何在錯誤中,學到更好的選擇。我學到「簡化」的道理 ,雖然我認為自己蠻複雜的。 有一句話說「平靜的海洋不能作出有技巧的水手」。總而言之,道的複雜,神秘和難得,都是自己想的。這就是我所學到的,也就是我要修的。能夠在道裡面和萬物共處,是本來的我,也是我想要達到的目標。在此感謝大家和點傳師的賜導。