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everyone who is interested in truth and life. I-Kuan Tao is the way, is the truth and it is what you have beeing looking for, with-in but not with-out.
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 CHAPTER 1    Why are they congratulating me on receiving the Tao?

            Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to you for this is your mot auspicious day. Today you have received the Tao which is the ultimate aim of existence. All of the Buddhas and Saints attained the Tao in the past and, by transcending the limitations of birth and death, have become immortal. That which you have received today is the same Tao.           


            Formerly, one who intended to receive the Tao had to abandon worldly possessions and enjoyments. If he was a king he had to abandon his kingdom. If he was a high official he had to resign his high position, leave his family and go to the remote mountains to seek a master who would transmit the Tao to him. After much suffering he would gradually perfect his conduct, purify his mind and heart and perform many good deeds. For his sincerity, God would send Buddha to transmit the Tao to him. Under such conditions a person able to succeed was hard to find! During that period the Tao was secretly transmitted from one Patriarch to another. 


第一章: 為甚麼他們恭喜我求得天道?






            Today we need not go to the remote mountains in order to cultivate ourselves. We may find the means to do so in our own environment. Therefore we must take full advantage of our fortunate circumstances because we are in close proximity to the Tao. Why is the Tao so accessible to us at this time? It is because mankind is facing great calamities which signal the destruction of the human race.


            What is the cause of these calamities? In this modern age most people blindly worship technical science and neglect spiritual harmony. They believe that the power of mankind can surpass nature and that science is almighty and can solve all human problems. It would seem as though “conscience” or “soul” are only religious terms and have no real existence. Most people do not recognize their true selves which are indestructible and immortal. Actually, the true self is the master of the mortal body. Today most people have lost their consciences, harming others in order to benefit themselves. Those evils which human beings are now committing will cause great disasters thé likes of which have never been witnessed beforeThis will be the final calamity in which the human race, the immortals of space, and the ghosts in hell will all be destroyed.






            However, God, of whose essence we are createdis merciful and compassionate and does not desire that the good people be destroyed along with the evil ones. So God has provided that the Tao be disseminated among mankind and has sent the Great Teachers, Buddha Chikung and Bodhisattva Yueh-Huito rescue the three kinds ob beingsthe immortals of space human beingsand the ghosts in hell so that they may return to heaven together. Buddha Chikung and Bodhisattva Yueh-Hui are under the command of God and are responsible for transmitting the Tao to the three kinds of beings. Their duty is to manage the work called “The Last Salvation”. This salvation is formless and soundless and the transmission is performed without preaching. It directly points out the original natureconscience or soul of mankind in order that people may realize their true nature and thereby become enlightened.


            然而,賜我們靈性的至高無上之母親  上帝,是非常的慈悲,衪不忍善惡俱焚,因此降下真道並派明師卽濟公活佛與月慧菩薩降世挽救三曹  氣天之大仙,世界的眾生,地府的鬼魂同返天堂。我們  師尊師母二位老大人奉老母的命令,真傳真授,普渡三曹,他們的責任是辦理末後一着收圓大事,不立文字,教外別傳,直指人心(直指人人固有之良心,靈性) 使人們見自性而成佛。


            When the last calamity arrivesnothing can save mankind except the true waywhich is the Tao sent from God. That is why the Tao is widely propagated today  to save good people. Ancient people first cultivated themselves and then received the Taobut today we receive the Tao first and then cultivate ourselves. Thereforeafter we have received the Tao we have to seriously cultivate ourselves. Then we shall automatically be safe from dangerescape from calamitiesavoid reincarnation and become Saints and Buddhas.




            Although it is easier for modern people to receive the Tao than it was for past generations, the ability to receive the Tao also depends on each person’s condition and background. Today you received the Tao because you have an affinity with our Temple and you and your ancestors have performed many virtuous acts. Possibly you were cultivated in a religion in your previous lives. These conditions allow you to have an affinity for the Tao. Without this affinity you would never receive it.




CHAPTER 2    What is the Tao?


            Ladies and gentlemen, you have received the Tao today, but what did you actually receive? What is the Tao? The Tao is the source of everything. Tao is the creator and master of the universe. Tao is God  the Supreme Power. Before the earth and sky existed, before the creation of the universethe Tao existed. After the universe is annihilated and nothing remains, the Tao will continue to exist and to create and control a new universe. The Tao is limitless, invisible and formless. It cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched and is beyond the power of human comprehension. Tao activates everythingyet we cannot see its action. It works without effort, yet nothing left undone. Man usually calls it “Nature”. Nothing can exist without the Tao because everything depends on it. Tao is God and our soul issues from God’s essence. We are God’s children


第二章:       甚麼是道?


            各位今天已經得道,究竟得的是甚麼?甚麼是道?道是天地人萬物之母,道是宇宙之本源,創造者以及主宰者。道卽上帝,道卽至尊至貴之神。當天地還未生之前,一切都未有之前,道已先存在了。當天地毀滅後,道不毀滅,道能再生天地人萬物天地人萬物生成了,道卽其中主宰。道非常奧妙,道無形無象,視而不見,聽而不聞,不可嗅、不可捉摸,道超出了人們的想像力而不思議,亦不可言說,一切皆是道所為,然而我見不到道的動作,道是無為而為的,然一切莫不是道所為。人們常稱它為 自然。假若無道,任何一物不能存在,因為一切都依靠道而得存。道卽  上帝,我們之靈性是  上帝所賜,我們是  上帝之兒女, 上帝是我們之  


            When we speak of the creator of the universe, we call it “Tao”. When we speak of the ruler of everything, we call it “Natural Law”. When we speak of the animating and controlling principle of our being, we call it “Soul” or “Conscience”. When we speak of the creator of our soul, we refer to the “Heavenly Mother”in Chinese she is called “Lao Mu”. All lf the above are one and the same.


            當我們從它作為宇宙之本源而言,稱它為〔道〕,在它作為一切之主宰而言,我們稱它為〔理〕,當它在我們體內,使我們生存並支配肉體時,我們稱它為〔靈性〕 或〔良心〕,因為它賦予我們本性,我們稱它為〔老〕,這些名稱雖異而其義相同,皆指同一物而言。


            Now, what you have actually received is the Tao. Tao is everybody’s true self. Today you have been initiated by the Teacher and the door of your mind has been opened. Now you are able to understand that the body is not your true self. The body is controlled by the Tao within you.




            While you are alive your soul dwells within your body. As soon as the soul leaves your body you are dead. Your soul is from God, but your physical body is from your parents. You already had the Tao within you yet did not realize it. Therefore, you have had to search for it and have now been fortunate enough to find a Teacher who is able to transmit it to you. Previously you believed that the physical body was your true self and behaved accordingly. You were selfish, committing misdeeds, acts of violence, and overindulging in physical pleasures. This condition repeatedly led you into reincarnation and endless sufferings. Now you understand that your true self is not your physical body but only used the body as a vehicle. You are not limited to this physical body. You are boundless. You are the Master of the Universe because you have God’s essence within you. You are full of mercy and love because you share of God’s spirit. Most people today have forgotten all these spiritual characteristics and do not know who they really are. Today you are regaining your conscience  your true self.


            每個人活着時,靈性在他體內,若靈性一離開,他立刻就死亡。靈性賦於天,而肉體由父母而來。因此,事實上我們已有道在身上,為何還要再尋求他?還要由點傳師來傳授?原因是我們已不認識他了,我們以為肉體卽真我而不知他原是假,因此我們變得自私,做了許多錯事與罪惡,為了使此色身享受如此使我們墜入輪迴中,遭受無邊痛苦,我們不知真正的我乃是靈性,而我們亦不是僅限於此肉身,我們是無限的廣大,我們是宇宙之主宰,因我們的靈性與  是一體,我們的本性充滿了慈悲與愛心,因我們是  之分靈。然而現在人們都失去了這些品性,亦不知他究竟是誰?今天我們得道卽是得回真我,良心。


CHAPTER 3    What are the Three Treasures?


            Today you have received the Three Treasures:

A. The Heavenly Portal

B. The Divine Mantra

C. The Symbolic Seal


A.        The First Treasure:  The Heavenly Portal

       The point where the Teacher placed his finger upon your face during the ceremony is called the Heavenly Portal. It is the abode of your true self and can be described in different ways, such as:


1.         Original Nature

            This is the true self, soul, or conscience which is eternal and indestructible.


2.         The Portal of Birth and Death

        The Heavenly Portal is the door by which our original nature enters and leaves our body. Confucius asked: “Who can leave the house without using the door? Why do people not follow this way?”


3.         The Way to Heaven

        A Buddhist Sutra says: “Heaven is one hundred eight thousand miles away.” These words are the metaphor which actually means that it was not easy to become enlightened because the true Teacher was difficult of find and the Tao was not yet widely propagated. Without the proper understanding of the Tao, heaven seems very far away, but with a real understanding of the Tao, heaven is very near. Today your Teacher has pointed out the way for you and you may now ascend to heaven with one step.


第三章:       何謂三寶?



(一) 玄關

(二) 口訣

(三) 合同


(一) 第一寶: 玄關


1. 本性:



2. 生死之門戶:



3. 通天大路:



4. The Main Entrance

        The Heavenly Portal is the main entrance. It is situated at the center and not to the left or right, above or below. This entrance was locked after your imperishable spirit entered the body at birth. If the Heavenly Portal is not unlocked by your Teacher, your true self is not able to leave the body by the main entrance at the time of death. Instead, it will have to leave by one of the side gates

        a. The eyes,  b. The ears,  c. The mouth,  d. The nose,  e. The navel,  f. The vertex


            If your spirit leaves from the

(a Ears  It is reborn as a viviparous animal, such as a horse, pig, cow, sheep, etc.

(b Eyes  It is reborn as an oviparous bird.

(c Mouth  It is reborn as a creature of the water, such as a fish, a lobster, etc.

(d Nose  It is reborn as an insect, such as a fly, a moth, a bee, etc.

(e Navel  It is reborn as an ordinary person.

(f Vertex  It is reborn as a wealthy and powerful person.


4. 正門






(一) 由耳而出者,來生當為胎生之動物如馬、豬、牛、羊之類。

(二) 由眼而出者,來生當為卵生之動物如飛鳥之類。

(三) 由口而出者,來生當為濕生之動物如魚、蝦之類。

(四) 由鼻而出者,來生當為化生之動物如蒼蠅、蜜蜂之類。

(五) 由肚臍而出者,來生當為平庸之人。

(六) 由頂門而出者,來生當為富貴之人。



5. In the BibleMatthew 1311 John said to his disciples “I baptize you with water to show that you have repented, but that one who will come after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

            The Tao is transmitted to you in the Temple of God through God’s sanction and commandment. The Holy Lamp on the Altar symbolizes God. In the transmittal ritual, the Teacher uses the incense to lead a line of fire from the Holy Lamp to your Heavenly Portal. Then, using his finger, he connects God’s spirit with your spirit so that they flow together as one, thereby enlightening you with God’s spirit. This is the actual fulfillment of John’s prophecy.


5. 聖經上記載:約翰對他的門徒說:〔我用水給你們施洗表明你們已悔改,然而在我之後的將用聖靈與火給你們施洗〕』。


            請泣意,你們是在上帝的宮殿裡得道,因為我們有上帝的天命,那盞佛燈代表  上帝()。在點道之儀式中,你們已見到點傳師以香炷從佛燈引來一條金綫指向你們的玄關,然後藉着點傳師的手指點在你們的玄關之時,  上帝以衪的聖靈已點開了你們的心竅,照破了黑暗。現在你們可見到約翰之預言已經實現在你們身上。


6. Sakyamuni Buddha said “I have the Great Dharma which is hidden in the eyes.” This indicates the location of the Heavenly Portal.


6. 釋迦牟尼佛云:〔吾有正法眼藏〕此語卽暗示玄關之地。


B. The Second Treasure The Divine Mantra


1.         You have now been given the Divine Mantra.

It is very important to remember it as it will save your life. It is only to be used in extremely dangerous situations. This Mantra acts as a powerful spiritual distress signal to the Divine forces much like an S.O.S. transmitted by radio waves. It is to be projected mentally and silently with great concentration while at the same time focusing the eyes on the Heavenly Portal and holding the Symbolic Seal with the hands. Powerful aid will immediately be sent to you in order to rescue you from danger. If you sincerely cultivate yourself, you will always remain under the refuge of Buddha.


(二) 第二寶:         口訣



(一)  剛才傳授口訣給你們,還記得嗎?

        請再說一遍。當性命危險時你才用此寶,將真經默念口中,手抱合同,你將卽刻被  仙佛救護,脫離危險。不過要注意此口訣僅能於性命危急之時方可運用。假若我們真誠修道,當然我們將受  仙佛之庇佑。


2.     The Divine Mantra which connects your true self with God.

        This Mantra is without form, sound or color and is the essence of Tao, the underlying and ultimate principle of the universe. This Mantra unites your being with that of the Tao forming a powerful bond. Every great religion indicates this potential unity, but they do not fully understand how to implement and effect it. You now have this knowledge and are familiar with its application.


(二) 心經,口傳心授:



3.     The True Teaching is transmitted from mind to mind.

        The true self, the I, the spirit, the mind – all indicate the true center of man or his real essence and original indestructible nature which is identical with Tao. The human being is a microcosm, sharing all the attributes of the macrocosm. Since he is essentially divine, man only needs to understand the nature of reality and align himself with it. The more pure and refined his nature, the more conscious he becomes of his relationship with the Tao. When he realizes that he is one with the Tao, he has become fully enlightened.


(三)  以心傳心:



C.    The Third Treasure The Symbolic Seal

1.     In Chinese, “Hoh” means to combine and “Tung” means all together. This Symbolic Seal which is formed by the two hands joined together is the Golden Seal which is formed by the two hands joined together is the Golden Seal which unites us with God. It is like a contract or mutual agreementwhich is the actual meaning of “Hoh Tung”