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聖經證道─聖靈與火的洗禮(中英文) On the Baptism of fire and Holy Spirit Author:Dumas

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On the Baptism of fire and Holy Spirit AuthorDumas

Having relocated to the United States from Ayiti (Haiti) in the summer of 1976 I have often encountered people who questioned the salvation that the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church had promised me and its other believers. Of course, I never expected such shock of religions between believers in Christ. The argument by adherents of Luther’s branch of the Church to deny that I am saved usually starts with the question: Have you been baptized?

With the intent of proselytizing the questioner usually points out the ceremony as a baby my parents put me through instead of a baptism was an introduction or presentation to the Church. And further, baptism occurs during a person’s adult years; therefore, I had not yet been baptized. This failure to make an informed decision on accepting Jesus Christ meant that I am not saved…

What a dilemma of choice? All these years residing in Ayiti I lived life to the fullness thereof; only to be told; once I relocated to the US, you are a heathen, you are not saved. Evidently, these Christians believing their word right cannot fathom the psychological pain they are inflicting. It follows this type of assault, onslaught continues unabated. With chagrin slowly setting in I resolved to seek the truth on my prospect in the afterlife. This search for meaning led to a complete transformation of my self. Indeed, family and friends wondered out loud: “is he going through a mid life crisis?”

This question was not without basis. I immersed my self in the scripture, reading, listening and reasoning on the life and character of the personages and facts the bible narrated. In personal appearance I had become a character commonly called Rastafari. The things I used to do I no longer do. The places I used to go I no longer go. Nevertheless, I was puzzled by this life like a traveler facing the sphinx.

Carefully, reading the New Testament I recalled John the Baptist had stated: “The one whose shoelaces I am not worthy to tie he will baptize you with the holy spirit and fire.” Mesmerized by John’s prophecy I determined to focus on Christ, hoping to accomplish his word. Verily, I listened to his word, hoping to become his child. Interestingly, I gained greater insight, realizing my First Communion met the standard of baptism. This knowledge notwithstanding I decided to continue on the pathless traveled. And to be quite honestly I had had enough with the challenge from the disciples of the breakaway Church. It follows I decided to bring this matter to the attention of the Catholic Church.

Circa 2002 I traveled to Ayiti with the specific intent of meeting Pere (father) Lespinasse. Reverend Jean-Claude Lespinasse is co-founder of Enfant Haitien Mon Frere (EHMF), an orphanage for children of all ages that Ita Lafontant, (Manmita [my mother]), launched after a visit to the maternity ward of the General Hospital in Ayiti circa 1969. Ayiti, which shares the western part of the island with the Dominican Republic, as a colony of France used to be called the pearl of the Antillean, today is ravaged by the political struggle the Christian Brothers instructed. Moreover, it is generally viewed as a land that does not work. The failures of this First Black Republic established on or after October 17, 1806 are most visible on the bodies of the children with gaunt faces and big bellies signs of malnutrition.

At the EHMF’s home, a three-story gingerbread style house, the children that are abandoned by their parents are provided tender loving care so they can grow-up to live normal lives. Under the watchful eyes of Manmita and religious teaching of Pere Lespinasse these children are raised until adoptive parents are found. It is in this environment emanating love, where the good is the common cause, and dignity is given back to the poor, I settled to uncover the truth on the baptism of fire and Holy Spirit.

Immediately upon my arrival in Ayiti, I requested a meeting with pere Lespinasse at his residence at Grand Seminaire perched on a hill in the Turgeau neighborhood of Port-au-Prince the capital city. Although the Seminary is within walking distance of Manmita’s home I nonetheless drove to the meeting. Once I reached the Seminary I was ushered to the second floor where Pere Lespinasse welcomed me. After I offered the obligatory salutation I proceeded to explain the purpose of meeting him then followed with a few questions.

Dumas: Do I need to be baptized?

Pere Lespinasse: No, you have already been baptized?

Dumas: What about the baptism of fire and Holy Spirit?

Pere Lespinasse: Once you have accepted Jesus Christ you have the Holy Spirit.

Dumas: Does the Catholic Church baptize with fire and Holy Spirit

Pere Lespinasse: The Catholic Church does not.

Dumas: Thank you very much for having taken the time to elucidate this issue.

Pere Lespinasse : Give Manmita my blessing upon your return to Boston, MA

Satisfied I walked away reassured I was not missing out until the day Ming Chang introduced me to Chowtow on June 7th of this year. Without displeasing the Church it is on that day had a Catholic priest been at the Temple in Brighton, MA he would have seen Master Lu perform the baptism of fire and Holy Spirit on three (3) people who joyfully received Tao. Even if no change appeared to have occurred as Master Lu explained Ji-Gong the one whose shoelaces John the Baptist could not tie has settled among the people least expected. (The end. It’s not necessary to translate from here.) Herein the prophecy is fulfilled. My name Dumas F. Lafontant is written in the book. I, therefore, testify the beginning-end of the mechanical order has come to pass onto the divine life on earth.







大概是在二○○二年,我為了一個特別的目的飛回海地去和Lespinasse神父會面,Les神父是EHMF的共同創建人,EHMF是我母親在一九六九年參訪海地綜合醫院婦產部之後,所開辦的一個孤兒院,海地這個國家,位於 Hispaniloa島之西部,如同和其共分海島的多明尼加共和國,是法屬殖民地,早期被稱為加勒比海珍珠,如今卻是被基督徒弟兄指使的政治紛爭所蹂躪的一個國家,更進一步的,海地是普遍被認為一個沒有發展的土地,這個在一八○六年十月十七日建立的世上第一個黑人共合國,其失敗在孩子削瘦憔悴、營養不良的身軀上明顯易見。


我人一到海地,就立刻請求安排和 Les神父在首都 Port-au-Prince Turgeau區山丘的聖神學院住處會面,雖然神學院就於離我母親住所走路就可抵達的距離內,我卻是開車去開會的,我一到達,就被帶到二樓,神父在那兒歡迎我,寒喧問暖後,我進入這次拜訪他的目的,接著是我問他的幾個問題:










即便看不出有什麼變化產生,陸點傳師在求道儀式中和儀式後解釋,濟公老師即是施洗者約翰所說那位,約翰他連替他綁鞋帶也不配的人,而更顯示,濟公老師這位人物以及其在聖經上的重要性,竟是在人們最意想不到之處被發現約翰的預言於此實現,而我的名字 Dumas F. Lafontant已在生命冊上註冊,正如聖經裏所提到的那本冊子,我因而在此證明(見證),一般人所認為,凡事有始有終,有生有死的定律,經由求道點道儀式,而轉移到「神性在人間」的境界了!